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lloominata is . . .
the light that comes from women’s hands ~ the spin, weave, dye, stitch of imagination into cloth. It’s the elegance of earth’s fibers, the love of handloomed luxury, the glamour of global beauty. illoominata is the fashion of belonging, not to the whims of the runway, but to the women of the world.


illoominata has joined the ibu movement! 
Hand-loomed textiles previously found on this website are now available at www.ibumovement.com.  

Global women artisans working in rich textile traditions offer hand-wrought clothing and home decor through this online shopping site. They create not only beauty but their own financial independence and self-authored lives. 

Join the movement!  Meet us at ibumovement.com


This is the moment i can point to now.  The one that changed me.  The drums, the children’s faces, the women’s confident hands.

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Here, a few last enticements to make you vividly aware that illoominata rules tonight!  

Did you know, for instance, that you had been lacking Moroccan children’s slippers???  Vintage, all broken in and still sparkly.  $25.  For every little one you know.  I, for one, love them in multiples across a table.  

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